What is Bone Conduction Sound? An Explanation of How it Works and How to Make the Most Out of It

Sound travels in two ways, one we hear and one we don't.

Sound travels in two ways, one we hear and one we don't. We can see the visible part of a wave when it hits our eyes, but sound can also travel through other parts of your body as well. Sound travels through the air in waves, which is why we can see them when you blow into a bottle or make ocean surf sounds with your mouth. It also travels through bones in waves! If you've ever hit your funny bone on something hard enough to make a sound, then you've experienced this firsthand!

Sound also travels through the skull – even though it's not actually your head that makes noise when you clap your hands together (the bones in between them do). And finally, sound can travel through brain matter – which might be why old people tend to look like they're listening more intently than people who are younger!

What is bone conduction and why is it important?

Bone conduction is the ability of sound waves to travel through bones in your body, which can then be used to create headphones and speakers. We'll discuss how the technology works, how it can be used, and what the benefits are.

Bone conduction works best when there are loud noises all around you, like during a concert or while riding on an airplane. Bone conduction allows you to hear people talking even if they aren't directly in front of you—this is especially helpful if there's a lot of background noise! This makes them ideal for situations where someone might not be able to hear them over their own voice or other sounds.

Does bone conduction work for everyone?

The good news is that bone conduction technology is not for everyone. If you have a hearing impairment, bone conduction may not work for you. It’s also recommended not to use bone conduction if you are under the age of 12 or have had ear surgery in the past 6 months.

If you are unsure if bone conduction will work for your situation, talk with your doctor before trying it out!

What are the benefits of bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction technology is an amazing way to listen to your favorite music while still being able to hear everything around you. It's especially great if you're playing sports or exercising, because the headphones allow you to stay safe while jamming out.


What is a bone conduction headphone?

A bone conduction headphone is one that transmits sound through the bones in your head. It's like a speaker that sits on your head, but instead of using air to transmit the sound waves, it uses bone conduction technology.

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Kaibo Verse was designed for everyday use, for everyone. Our latest headphones use high quality bone conduction transducers so you get great open-ear sound at a great price. We want everyone to be able to listen to their music and calls while staying present and safe.

Whats in the box?

  • Kaibo Verse Headphones
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Carrying bag


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Frequency Response

100Hz ~ 20KHz



Microphone Sensitivity

-40dB ± 2dB

Battery Capacity


Battery Type

2C Fast Charge Lithium Battery

Wireless Range

10 meters/33 feet

Time to Full Charge

1 hour

Standby Time

10 days

Bluetooth Version


Water Resistance Rating



Titanium Alloy




The Kaibo Verse can be charged via a USB Type-C cable, which is included in the box.

Nope! They might look like they are, but the Kaibo Verse actually sits right at the opening to your ear canal.

Yes. Kaibo Verse headphones are designed to fit comfortably with glasses or sunglasses.

Yes! Kaibo Verse’s bone conduction technology provides an open-ear listening experience so you can stay aware of your surroundings and stay safe whenever and wherever you exercise outside.

Kaibo Verse is water and sweat resistant. Please do not submerge it in water.

Yes you can!

Any device that’s compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 – so most laptops, Android and iOS devices.

The only set-up required is to pair your Kaibo Verse to your Bluetooth device. If you need help doing this, please refer to the user manual (provided both in the box and on our website).

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